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28August 2017

Understand the Importance and role of Problem Statement and Compose a Persuasive Statement

Have you ever written a dissertation? Then you must have an idea on what is the problem statement in thesis or dissertation? If you haven’t, then listen to your professor carefully and note down the vital aspect of a problem statement. It is the base of a thesis on which your first impression depends.

What is a problem statement in a thesis?

In the simplest form, a problem statement is a statement that provides a precise information on what the thesis is going to discuss. It gives a clear picture of the context of the research and develops some questions that the entire paper will discuss elaborately. The problem statement has two parts: one statement that provides the direction to which the research paper will progress and 2-3 paragraphs that discuss the stamen and type of dissertation research paper the researcher is going to present.

Key parts of a problem statement

A problem statement generally contains three parts:

  • The problem that the researcher is going to discuss with sufficient contextual details to aware the readers why the research on the problem is important.
  • The method that the researcher will follow to solve the problem which is known as a claim.
  • The purpose of the thesis, scope of research, and limitations.

All this information should be precise and candid. But they should be descriptive enough to create interest in the readers. So, writing a problem statement in a thesis work is not easy. You have to be proficient in English as also clear in your perception. The problem statement makes the first impression which is very much important to a researcher like you. In fact, your whole effort and hard work can be fruitful when the professor gets interested on your subject of study and methodology you have adopted. Ang gets online essay help services for your assignment.

The role of problem statement

By now, you have understood that a problem statement provides the background for the research study and how it generates queries which the research tries to answer precisely. For you, the problem statement is the indicator that makes you move forward with a research project and time to time keep your focus on the topic only. You will normally like to spend some time bearing in mind the problem. In your research proposal, the problem statement is going to be the first part to be read by the professors with interest. So, this part should prima facie remain responsible for creating attraction. The problem statement should try to hook the reader and establish an influential background for what follows. Here, you get a scope to demonstrate why the research you have undertaken is important.

How to compose a problem statement?

So, now it is time to understand how to write a problem statement to make it interesting and fulfill its purpose? Always keep in mind that your English should be clear, flawless, and precise. Any discrepancy can spoil your effort. So, if you have a pinch of doubt, better to discuss the matter with an expert and take their professional help. You will definitely get an expert from any reputed assignment writing help services in NewZealand.

Here is how to compose a persuasive problem statement:

  • Make sure that the problem statement possessing all the three distinctive parts purposefully. The problem statement itself is one or two liner. That means you need to be too constructive in this part. Give trial by writing down the statement in different ways and finalize the best one.
  • Mention the methodology you are going to apply and why have you adopted that methodology? For this, your concept of the concerned methodology should be clear enough. Always remember, a slight mistake in this part may spoil your image so also the entire paper. So, here again, finalize the write-up only when you are fully satisfied.
  • Your problem statement should precisely answer the following aspects:
  • What is the problem?
  • Who is affected by the problem?
  • What is its long-term consequence if not taken into account now?
  • What are the variables to be considered?
  • Why the problem needs immediate attention?

Composing the problem statement is not at all a critical issue, if you have a complete knowledge on your dissertation-related activities, what you are writing, and your resources, then you can write the problem statement with clarity.

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