7February 2018

How to Resolve Common Problems in Dissertation Writing?

What is Dissertation writing?

It is a detailed analytical writing about a subject topic which is required to fulfill the eligibility of completion of a Ph.D. degree. It is the summary of your research on a particular topic. All your courseware narrows down to one topic which will show what you have actually gained during your studies.

What are the Common Writing Issues During Writing Dissertations and How to Resolve these Issues?

  • Choosing the correct problem for dissertation: The choice of the correct problem for the dissertation is the first step to success in writing. This should be within the student’s capacity to handle the project. It should be impressive and important from the research point of view. It should also be interesting to the students otherwise they will not be able to justify their work.
  • Formulating right thesis statement: Thesis statement is one of the most critical and crucial parts of any dissertation. It should be able to project your research. It should be debatable and have a narrow approach. Narrowing the approach makes your research manageable.
  • Inappropriate advisor in research: Help from a mentor or a tutor having a good knowledge of the subject is a must for writing a good dissertation. Lack of appropriate advisor in your research will adversely affect your assignment.
  • Procrastination: It is an issue which can be resolved by the student itself. The deadlines are mistaken or the students are too busy in the other engagements that they underestimate the seriousness of the project. They have to judge properly the task to have good results.
  • Poor planning and time management: A proper timetable is a must for you to fulfill the task of dissertation writing. Timely discussion of your project with your guide and taking quick suggestions will save you from last minute hassles.
  • Finding relevant data: This is also a major issue faced by most of the students. They get confused about the choice of the right source of information. Authentic resources like journals, academic essay writings, published papers etc may be relevant sources of data for your required research.
  • Putting it all together: After you are ready with all the data and information, putting it all together in the right way is another issue. Study sample dissertations for introduction, body, and conclusion and proceed along.
  • Finding right tools for editing: After you have placed everything in place proofread it for any mistake. Eliminate all grammatical and language mistakes as they will mar your hard work badly.

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