16September 2020

Are Zero Engineering and Agile Operations the Next Era in Automation of Industries?

What are Agile Operations?

Agile Operations are a collection of different procedures involved in the management of a project. Every project whether it belongs to IT or other streams is broken down into parts and distributed among the team members. This is known as Agile Operations. The operations need constant communication between the team and the stakeholders. It is not only applicable for development of software which involves coding, testing and releasing operations but also for all other types of projects. These operations are becoming popular in many project management teams and becoming essential part of engineering projects. Many professional websites are there which provide Industrial Engineering Assignment Help.

How Zero Engineering can be Considered as the Next Era in Automation of Industries?

Zero engineering involves automation of industrial procedures to reduce production time. It focuses on the integration of control and software in all industrial operations. In earlier times, the change in system to accommodate updated model information needs a lot of tedious tasks which consumed a lot of time and involved a complex system of wires, relay panels and many more. It was costly and difficult also. This directly affected the production line. Production of newer updated models becomes slow as the updating of software takes a lot of time.

The invention of PLC or programmable controller by Modicon in 1969 for the automobile industry paved a way for quick automation which helped the industry to save a lot in terms of time and money. This doesn’t mean that everything is now done in a wink of the eye. Still a fair amount of time is taken by the engineers to configure components of the system along with control and supervisory operations.

The problem is still not solved completely. So, Zero Engineering came into the limelight which can be taken as an ambitious project for industrial automation. It takes into consideration the emerging advanced technologies which increases the pace of the industry. To start with, the design phase involves a virtual world in which a model of the automated plant is developed and the changes are done in that world only. When the actual desired model is built without any error, it is used to develop real plant. Once it is operational, there are possibilities of improvement through that digital virtual model.

A single fully automated industrial engineering model is not available till date. So it is better to integrate all the available technologies and build an automated industrial solution. This facilitates entry of a change in an integrated manner. The system accepts the change and the production line is not affected much. The chances of error are much reduced. New control schemes have now becomes easier and quicker to design and implement. Thus the goal of Zero Engineering has become clear that there should be a strong connection between supervision and control. This has given more efficiency and flexibility in industrial operations.

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